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Important Note!  Beginning August 29th we will be posting all of the new ExperiaSphere downloads on this site rather than on the CIMI Corporation website where the older material is located.  Over time as we offer new versions of the older material they will be moved to this site as well, and the older copies on CIMI's site will be phased out.  We'll use the bright-white text here to show you which files are on the new site.

New:  ExperiaSphere Multi-Screen Video Application Note is now available for download.  This document is over 22,000 words and 27 illustrations, so be prepared, then click HERE.

The following material is generally available as zip files that can be freely distributed:

New!  We offer a ground-up introduction to how ExperiaSphere's concept of a Service Factory solves the problems of the service layer.  This approach has been very popular with non-programmers.  Click HERE!
An ExperiaSphere Overview (now in version 4) is available in PDF form.  The earlier version is still available in our YouTube introduction and a longer version on blip.tv are now available.
ExperiaSphere's advertising and payment model is explained in a simple video tutorial available on YouTube .
A summary of our meeting with a major network operator on ExperiaSphere and market issues
An overview of our ExperiaSphere open demographic coding system as ExperiaSphere Demographics Overview.
A tutorial on the application of ExperiaSphere to open handset architectures like Google and LiMo, to programmable phones like the iPod, and to other embedded-operating-system devices.
Our presentation at NXTcomm on open networks is now available for download!
An overview on how ExperiaSphere supports vendor APII programs is now available in Version 2!
ExperiaSphere Technical Primer (now in Version 3!)
ExperiaSphere and IMS Version 1 is now available to all!
Our February 17th press release on Alpha-One and the Extreme Networks partnership is available HERE.
ExperiaSphere Introduction to SocioPATH Version 2 including our first look at SocioPOLICY is now generally available HERE A video introduction to SocioPATH concepts is available HERE .
The two presentations on ExperiaSphere presented to the TMF SDF Team in 2008 are available as a single zip HERE.
Our presentation describing how ExperiaSphere would implement the GSMA OneAPI is now available to all by clicking HERE.
We've developed the approach on how ExperiaSphere can be integrated with the revolutionary new Google Wave architecture. Click Here for the details.
The introduction to the relationship between ExperiaSphere and the TMF's SDF, MTOSI, and other standards is now available as a public download; Click Here.
The introduction to how ExperiaSphere relates to the IPsphere specifications is available as a public download; Click Here.

The following material is available initially only to ExperiaSphere partners:

ExperiaSphere in Depth (now in Version 5.2!)
ExperiaSphere, Entities, SocioPATH, and SocioPOLICY
ExperiaSphere as an Element in Equipment Software Partner Programs
ExperiaSphere Cloud Computing Overview
ExperiaSphere Partner Management Interface Questionnaire
ExperiaSphere XML Templates Version 1, which describes the XML structures used by ExperiaSphere
ExperiaSphere and Yahoo/Web Portal API Programs Overview
ExperiaSphere and Money Flow:  Now available!  Includes payment, sponsorship, advertising, and settlement.

The following material is under development and will will be available to partners only (we have some material in each of these areas that we can share on an as-needed basis):

ExperiaSphere Optimized Route/Path Selection
ExperiaSphere Cloud Computing In Depth
ExperiaSphere and True2Way
ExperiaSphere Fault Correlation

If the link isn't active, please don't contact us! It will be activated as soon as the material is loaded! For information available only to ExperiaSphere partners, contact us to become one!

Partner Area
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